Ink Sample 2ml - Pilot Iroshizuku Inks

ajisai bottle
ama-iro bottle
asa-gao bottle
chiku-rin bottle
fuyu-gaki bottle
fuyu-syogun bottle
ina-ho bottle
kiri-same bottle
kon-peki bottle
kosumosu bottle
ku-jaku bottle
momiji bottle
murasaki-shikibu bottle
shin-kai bottle
shin-ryoku bottle
syo-ro bottle
take-sumi bottle
tsuki-yo bottle
tsukushi bottle
tsutsuji bottle
tsuyu-kusa bottle
yama-budo bottle
yama-guri bottle
yu-yake bottle
Manufacturer Pilot
Tester vial of Iroshizuku Ink
Price: $ 2.50
You Save:
GST: $ 0.23

SAMPLE VIAL OF Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Colours

2ML sample container of any stock Iroshizuku ink colour.

Clear plastic container with a threaded cap.

Out of stock lines will not appear in the drop down menu.

Each Sample  vial   COST  $3.00



PLEASE NOTE.  If only purchasing samples a minimum of 2 will apply. 


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